About Jenkintown Homegrown

Jenkintown Homegrown acknowledges the challenges of growing and propagating plants on a small property. After six years, I’d filled our 50′ x 150′ property with trees, shrubs, veggies, vines, and even honeybees, and I announced I needed a new challenge – a blank slate – so it was time to move.

The financial realities of real estate quickly became apparent: large lots in nice neighborhoods are expensive. Unwilling to trade our century-old house and walkable, small-town atmosphere near Philadelphia for a larger property much further out, we chose to stay and strive to make the best possible use of our space.

According to plant collectors, “There’s always room for one more!” I’ve got nothing growing on the roof yet, very few vines on the walls, and plenty of windows still without window boxes. These unexplored frontiers offer new opportunities where I had seen none before, and they will no doubt play a leading role in this blog.

Feel free to email me with comments or questions.


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