Winter Optimism

From 2001 to 2005, I made ends meet working as a freelance editor. (Granted, my gainfully-employed husband deserves some credit here also.) My biggest client during those years was the American Conifer Society, for whom I worked as Editor of their 48-page member publication, the Conifer Quarterly, for three years beginning in early 2003.

I was recently looking through old issues of the “CQ” for some writing samples to add to my porfolio, recalling that I wrote a one-page column for each issue titled “Editor’s Memo.” Here’s part of what I wrote in the Fall 2004 issue, the first one I happened to check:

Summer is gone and autumn is upon us. Rather than fight the change in seasons, I share with you my top three reasons to enjoy the coming of winter:

#3 – Deciduous conifers are turning color and shedding their needles, providing conifer collectors an opportunity to educate passers-by who ask, “Why is your pine tree dying?”

#2 – The higher the ratio of evergreens to deciduous plants in your garden, the more confidently you can sit back and enjoy a soothing beverage as neighbors drag rakes and lug leaf blowers around their yards for four weekends in a row.

#1 – Pruning conifers and other evergreens in late fall provides a free supply of material for making unique holiday garlands. Be the only one on your block to have Hinoki falsecypress and golden arborvitae roping draped over your front door!

Enjoy the coming of winter? Did I write that? Maybe it’s time to revisit my own advice and, rather than dwell on the winter’s cold and darkness, remember to focus with a bit a humor on the season’s unique delights!